Have you ever forgotten to lock your door in a hassle or you cannot recall whether you have locked the door or not? Now it is not a problem anymore. You can now do it via your phone and recheck the lock status from anywhere in the world, thanks to the smart door lock.

A digital door lock is an electronic locking device that obeys the instructions from an authorized source and performs the locking and unlocking of the door. It uses wireless signals and cryptographic signs to finish the authorization process. It has a pro-level access control that is given to the user so that he can control the device according to the need.

Smart door locks are gaining popularity in the global market where it is expected to hit $24 billion by the year 2024. Digital locks are now trending and many house owners are now considering Installing Smart Locks due to their easy accessibility.

Although digital door locks are considered the safest security systems in the market. But it also doesn’t guarantee you full security and safety. Every technology comes with some advantages and flaws.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of smart door locks.


Easy To Operate

What makes it best is when you install a smart locking system in your home, you get keys free. There will be no hassle of keeping the keys with you or taking out the whole bunch of keys to unlock the door. It is very convenient when you have a lot of stuff in your hand and you just need to put the code or swap your fingerprints to open the door quickly.

E-Key System

It is a lifesaver when you expect someone at your door when you are at work or out for any reason. Let say a babysitter or any guests are scheduled to come to your house in your absence, they can be provided with a special code with an expiration time.

Also if you are afraid that the previous landlords can access your house in your absence, you can simply change the code of the system which does not take any effort as compared to changing to the whole lock.

Easy To Access

The benefit of having the smart lock is you can track who is coming in and out of the house. You can easily track your kids when they come home from school in your absence and double-check whether they have properly locked the door or not. Also for the small kids, you can always match the timings of their arrival at home with the bus driver and can open up the door remotely by using the security cameras.

Protection From Typical Theft

Smart locks are much safer than traditional locks. Traditional locks are more subjected to theft. Thieves try to break the traditional locks more often. But it does not necessarily make the smart locks 100% secure.

Connection With Smart Home Appliances

Smart locks can be interconnected with smart home appliances. Many house owners connect it with lights so that when they enter the house, the lights simultaneously turns on with the unlocking of the door


Dependability On Phone

Digital door locks are connected with your smartphone. It works with the blue tooth or Wi-Fi. Suppose your phone got stolen, lost, or dies, you won’t be able to get access unless you remember the passwords and log in with another phone.

Chances Of Hacking

Every advantage comes with a disadvantage. In the modern era, smart locks can be a target of cyberpunks. Hackers can overrule the code which can unlock the door but it will notify you and the police if something unusual happens.

Dying Batteries

Digital locks are operated through batteries. It’s the duty of the owner of the company which has installed the security system to cross-check the batteries and change them before it does.

Expensive Installation

The installation of the smart locks can only be done By professionals. It would cost you way high than a basic lock and key system. The installation charges are high and it will bit pricey to fox the lock if does not work properly.

Dependable On Power Supply

It will not work if there’s a power outage in the city and the Wi-Fi does not work. The remote unlocking feature will be disabled as it needs a Wi-Fi connection to get access. However, you can use a data package to get access to the security system.

Bottom Line

After thoroughly investigating the pros and cons of the smart lock, you decide to either install the high maintenance system along with the high installation cost or not. Also, don’t forget to consult with a pro installation company for advice and support.