Break-ins into your home can be dangerous, but so are those that occur in your office. Considering that you are the office owner, it can greatly affect your budget and peace of heart.

If you ever face such a situation, it can be difficult to decide What Steps To Take. The person is so emotional that it can become hard to think and process stuff. However, acting quickly and smartly is imperative in such situations. Any delay or tardiness can mess up proof or let the thief (given that the person was one of your employers) a chance to getaway.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of steps you can take to ensure you can do everything possible on your behalf to catch the thief.

1. Calling the police

The smartest and first thing to do when you discover that a break-in has occurred in your office is to call the police. It did not matter when the incident occurred. This step gives the police an opportunity to inspect before any employees enter the working space. That way, no evidence will be tempered with.

2. Getting any broken windows or doors repaired

If you find any broken windows after the incident, make sure to get them fixed asap. Getting this done eliminates the point of vulnerability that would otherwise be present. It relieves some tension off your head, too, as you know no burglar can get through that space easily.

3. Derive an assessment of the sequence of events

If possible, get access to any available footage of the incident. It can be from your office’s cameras or those of any other offices nearby. Thoroughly go through the videos, and formulate a possible sequence of events.

If you can, get a description of the burglar too. Most cameras do not have such high quality to capture the facial features, so your best shot is to identify the clothing.

4. Assess the value and quantity of items stolen

It would be best to have at least a rough idea of what stuff was stolen from your office. That is necessary for managing your inventory and filing the report when you go to the police station. Plus, your insurance company will need a detailed report of all the assets stolen.

5. File a detailed police report

All of the information you have collected will be an asset to the police in their investigation. Plus, it makes your case stronger. This step is important before you decide to go to your insurance company. There is a highly likely chance they will ask you to do it first either way.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call Your Insurance Company

6. Call your insurance company

Once you are done filing a complaint, take a copy of the documents and other necessary details to your insurance company. They will need a detailed description of all the valuables that were stolen. It helps them determine how much they need to pay you.

7. Comforting your staff members

It should be kept in mind that incidents such as break-ins can scare your staff members. It can leave many of them rattled and alarmed. Therefore, it is always advised that you should talk to them and console them.

However, develop strategies to improve your security system before you do that. That way, you can communicate those ideas with your staff while talking to them.

Improving Your Security

Improving Your Security

8. Improving your security

After such incidents, one of the most important things to do is improve your security. After all, if one burglar could break into your office, so can others. Try looking for better security measures, such as “August” Smart Locks.

Bottom Line

You will be Updating Your Commercial Locks and keeping more security guards and valuables in safes – these are just some measures you can take to prevent any future break-ins. Plus, keeping an eye on all your employees is always necessary. They are the ones that know your office inside out. Therefore, they know where the most valuable things are. Ensure that you hire people you can trust.


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