In addition to providing basic security and temperature control, the doors of your company or commercial property are a crucial part of your operation and your firm’s image.

When your industrial door is damaged, it might not be easy to decide the best course of action. Use this advice to determine whether your Commercial or Garage Door needs to be fixed or replaced.

It depends on what kind of door you have.

You must first determine the kind of door you have before deciding whether it should be replaced or repaired. This might alter your mind about whether or not getting a new door is the best course of action.

Commonly used commercial doors are:

  • Doors made of steel or metal.
  • Fire-rated doors.
  • Doors with aluminum frames.
  • Herculite / Glass doors.
  • Storefront doors.

Your company may save time and money by learning about the advantages of each of these doors and how to Replace or Repair them quickly.

When you own a company or a piece of land, you have several obligations. Many things are on your plate, and as the adage goes, you have a lot of balls in the air to juggle. This is true. So, why should the entrances to your company be a worry of yours?

Your doors do a lot for your company, even if this isn’t immediately evident. Just how does this work, precisely?

    • The cost of your monthly insurance premiums might be affected by the kind of doors you have.
    • The kind and condition of your business’s or property’s doors tell a lot about you.
  • Malfunctioning doors may put off prospective consumers and clients.

How To Know When To Repair Your Door?

Damages of this sort are the most prevalent.

How To Know When To Repair Your Door?

How To Know When To Repair Your Door?

1. Problems with alignment

The door may strike into the floor or the frame if it is misaligned due to regular use or misuse. An annoyance is more than enough to warrant the attention of security experts.

2. A curved frame

The security of your company and the functionality of your door might be greatly affected by bent frames. The use of forklifts, deliveries, break-ins, and misuse can all lead to these problems, and if they aren’t addressed, anyone can get in through the open door.

3. Corrosion

Corrosion damage is more likely to occur when exposed to high sunlight, humidity, or saltwater. Depending on the door type, once the paint or primer has worn off, it can let all kinds of nasty things in. Corrosion is an issue if the door itself is rusted, brittle, or otherwise vulnerable to tampering.

4. The door squeaks

Misuse over time can result in door warping. It isn’t a common problem for most commercial doors because of the abundance of metal assemblies in the industry, but it can happen.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding your business’s front door. This is a sad sight: rust!

These can hurt business operations if they aren’t properly trained regularly. By completing a Simple Repair On Your Current Door, you might prolong its life and save money in the long run.

If the property is commercial, it’s preferable to leave these repairs to a professional since they often demand specific expertise or equipment. Incorrect door repairs and hanging can lead to additional problems.

Among the most common door repairs are:

  • Alignment of the frame and door
  • The sealing of the door
  • A new set of components (handles, crash bars, springs, locks)
  • Aligning the threshold

How To Know If It Is Time To Replace Your Door?

There are times when a door can no longer be repaired and must be replaced. These damages might be caused by blunt impact, water damage, chemical damage, or wear and tear. Among the most common reasons to replace a door are:

  • Replacement is less expensive than repair.
  • Your front entrance isn’t a reflection of your company’s image (outdated, discolored, or rusted).

Paragon Locksmiths are well-versed in commercial door repair and replacement services. We’d be happy to assist you in determining whether or not your door should be repaired or replaced. Our technicians are well-versed in all types of commercial doors, and they’ll be happy to assist you. Contact us right away!

Bottom Line

It’s easy to overlook the importance of doors in our homes and public spaces because they are so commonplace. They aren’t particularly eye-catching, and their primary function is to open and close by pushing or pulling on the handles.

In addition, the doors of your business or property are a lot more than just a way to keep Houston’s hot weather at bay and keep local criminals out of your establishment. They aren’t just used for that one thing.