Many people want to buy a lock that is Impossible To Pick. Locks that are impossible to pick are indispensable security tools because you can bet that nobody can open them once they are on. However, nothing is secure. Whether it is internet security or the padlock on your door, security is a relative term. Locks that are harder to pick are relatively more difficult to break into, reducing the chances of break-ins.

If you are looking to improve security, finding a lock that can’t be picked is a good start. In this article, we have a list of locks that can’t be picked.

The ‘August’ Smart Lock

The ‘August’ Smart Lock, as it is called by the manufacturers, is one of those locks that are touted as being impossible to pick. The good news is that anyone who wants to crack open this lock will need much more than just a set of picks. The intruder will also need to be a software hacker.

The lock is designed to be locked and unlocked using a smartphone. However, the key can still be used, but it isn’t a compulsory accessory. While it is battery-powered, the lock does not fail if the battery fails. The company has battle-hardened the lock against security vulnerabilities, which means there is no software crack for it yet.

The HYT Chain Key

The HYT Chain Key lock boasts of a rather odd design. For starters, it is nearly inaccessible and can only be opened with a unique-looking key that’s inserted right through the keyway. The Chain Key, as it is called, needs to be injected into the lock. Then the key curves in a way that does not permit for regular lockpicks to be inserted into it. Whoever tries to pick this lock will need a set of special picks which aren’t available as of this writing.

Even if a pick allowed a person got through the hole, the curves would add another layer of difficulty to the process. Our guess is that even for a master, picking this lock with all the right tools will take hours at least.


Have you ever heard of a magnetic lock? Well, this is one and has a great deal of complexity added on top compared to the previous MIWA lock. The cuts of the key and the rounded shape make picking the lock near impossible.

Every key has a magnetic pattern; the only way anyone can duplicate it or decode the pattern is if they have a key in their possession. If the intruder hasn’t had the chance to study the key, then it’s impossible to pick the lock.

Shi-He Chi-Me U-lock

The key resembles the XPUZMAG, but this one has an obstructed keyway, and it is available in many different variations making it harder to pick. There are various sharp turns within the lock, which most picks will not be able to get around. Even if you did get around the turns, the picker needs to keep tension, which with the curves is impossible. The lock is manufactured in China, but it has started to become popular in the US too.


Sure, many Locks Are Hard To Pick. Will they ever be cracked? Well, nothing is impossible, but the determination of a potential intruder to break a lock that’s hard isn’t high, especially if they don’t have a lot to gain from it. It would help if you also considered that these locks are expensive.