Yes! Just about Every Residential Locksmith that has the right tools and experience should be able to Copy a Broken Key. Though there are a couple of exceptions, most often than not, the locksmith can piece together the old key to forge a new one even if there are multiple pieces. However, the exact process will vary depending on what condition the broken key is in. But the process will require experience and the right equipment.

What If The Key Breaks In The Lock?

Our advice here is to first get the broken key out of the lock before you try copying it. You won’t be able to use the lock with the key or pieces of it in it. Fortunately, most locksmiths should be able to assist you with extracting the broken key from the lock. Once the key is out, you will be able to open the lock using a spare key or the newly forged key. Locksmiths can also pick the lock so that you can enter.

Copying Broken Car Keys

If the key to your car breaks, a locksmith should be able to copy that too. Though depending on the key, the process may be a little more complicated. A lot depends on how the key broke, but the code is often associated with the chassis because of the record-keeping process built into many modern cars. So, to replace the broken key, the locksmith can either piece together and make a new key or record the key code onto the new key so that it works.

If you have a transponder-type car key, a lot depends on if the transponder chip is still intact. The locksmith will have to closely examine the transponder to determine if the chip can be taken out of the broken key and put into a new one. If the chip is broken, there is no way to copy it onto a new key. But there are still workarounds that a locksmith can use.

Should You Give Both Halves of The Broken Key?

If your key broke in half, the question is which one is more important? If you have both halves might as well give the locksmith both. However, the most important part is the one with the grove blade. Usually, if the key snapped at the shoulder, you can give both parts and let the locksmith sort it out. However, if the blade (the part that goes into the lock) isn’t with you, the key can still be copied, but it is more complex.

Can A Patented Key Be Copied?

Sure, the key can be copied even if it is patented. However, the problem with patented keys is that you are limited to who can do it for you. Just because a key maker may have blank keys does not mean that they can copy your patented key. That’s why you will need to either contact the company or a master locksmith with the equipment to cut this type of key. Also, there are various types of patented keys, and each one has a system built into it to prevent decoding.