Whether it be your car keys or house keys, most of you have experienced losing the keys or locked yourself out. Situations like these are very common when you are in a hassle. Due to absent-mindedness, this situation can happen at any moment and any time of the day. The main concern is what will you do when you are stuck in such circumstances?

To make your life easy always keep a duplicate key with you. For your house keys, you can give a duplicate key to someone you trust the most and the one who lives near to your house.

As far as car key duplication is concerned, you can always keep a duplicate key in your wallet so that whenever you lock the keys inside the car you don’t have to wait or go back to your house to pick the spare keys.

Even if you have never been in such a situation, you must get duplicate keys as soon as possible. God forbid if you have locked yourself out and never bothered to have duplicate keys then you need to call an Expert Locksmith Near You to sort out the problem.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should always have a duplicate key.

It Helps You When You Lock Yourself Out

Key duplication is a necessity when you forget to pick up the keys when leaving the house and lock the doors. A moment of absent-mindedness can put you in a frustrating situation. Being locked out of your home, car or office will be quite a hassle if you did not have duplicate keys. Your precious time will be wasted sorting out the problem.

You don’t want to break the door or won’t expose the property to any sort of damage. So it’s better to have a duplicate key around you to get out of the problem easily and peacefully.

Accidentally Lock Yourself Out

Accidentally Lock Yourself Out

Accidentally Lock Yourself Out

Other than locking yourself out, you can accidentally lock yourself out leaving behind the children inside the home. This situation can be distressing when you don’t have a spare key and your child is locked inside the house alone. Access to professional help would take time and the process they perform will take a couple of hours more.

Unfortunately, you cannot leave a child unattended for hours, so it is better to have a spare key around you to get out of such a difficult situation.

It Is Easy For Other Family Members To Access The Door

Key duplication is a good idea when your house, car, or office is shared by multiple people. If everyone will be dependent on the original keys, it would ultimately put you in trouble. There would be greater chances of misplacing or breaking the key.

The single key would also burden one individual who has to be very punctual every time to ensure other family or staff member doesn’t get late. Also, in case of any emergency, you cannot leave the house or office without waiting for the other member to come and take charge.

To avoid all kinds of frustration, house, car, and office owners should provide duplicate keys to every person who needs access to the property anytime they want.

It Helps You When Your Original Key Or Lock Breaks

When keys are constantly used over the years there is a chance of breakage. It can bend or break when you insert it in the lock. Sometimes bend keys suddenly stop working due to unfamiliar patterns.

Whatever the situation it may be, a spare key is to the rescue. Having multiple duplicate keys prevent key breakage. Switching between the duplicate keys will reduce the chance of bending or breaking. It also extends the life of original keys and spare keys.

Lock Wear and Tear

Lock Wear and Tear

Lock: Wear and Tear

Sometimes due to pressure on the key, the lock also suffers wear and tear. Just like the key faces stress, the lock also suffers a lot of pressure if you use a bend or the same key for a long time.

Besides lubricating the lock annually or as need-based, using duplicate keys occasionally keeps the lock away from any sort of damage and keeps functioning properly.

Bottom Line

So, this concludes our brief discussion on the 3 reasons why a key duplication is necessary for everyone. A professional locksmith can help you get some spare keys against your original one.

Everyone should take extra care of the original and duplicate keys to save themselves from situations like this. Still, you are stuck in such a situation, you can call an expert locksmith who can break the lock by different techniques without putting your property at risk.