There is no doubt that garage door openers are a one-step solution to a wide range of issues related to your home’s exterior space. They are a versatile investment that keeps the whole door in check to meet your family’s everyday needs. On top of that, some of the newer models in the market are even fully automated to give you the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. However, the thing is, even the sturdiest garage door opener out there is susceptible to wear and tear in the long run.

Their average lifespan resides under 5-10 years, meaning you will need to replace your garage door opener at some time. Of course, one could recall regular maintenance, but that is only ideal when everything is working completely fine.

To give you further insight into this topic, we will discuss some of the common reasons for Garage Door Replacement in 2021. With that said, let’s get into it!

Replacing Vs. Repairing The Garage Door Opener

Most of the homeowners living in the US are constantly stuck in the dilemma of whether I should replace my garage door opener or it’s better to repair it? Well, if you are one of them, then let me tell you straight from the start, it is defiantly not easy to answer right off the bat. However, for convenience, the first thing you need to be concerned about is the overall cost.

If your previous model’s input cost is quite reasonable and you want the latest and greatest features in the market, then yes, garage door replacement is the option to go for. However, for those with high-end garage openers, regular maintenance may be the wisest decision. Nevertheless, you should always contact a professional to inspect and brief you in making your final choice rightfully.

Common Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Even after consulting with the professional, if you are unsure about your decision, let’s take some of the top reasons to replace a garage door opener in 2021.

Common Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Common Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

It Provides Ergonomic Stability & Enhances Exterior Aesthetics

First and foremost, garage door replacement helps ensure exterior maintenance of your living space. A lot of traditional garage openers might be aesthetically pleasing at first glance. Still, over the years, due to environmental influences, they readily degrade, causing a decline in rigidity and outlook. In this case, you want to give your neighborhood a new perspective, which can be possible through replacement.

Additionally, as you replace your garage door opener, you gradually lower the renovation cost, which helps retail the property later down the road.

New Replacement Means Added Safety

One of the other reasons for garage door opener replacement is that it takes into account safety measures. As you may have guessed, a garage door has quite a lot of moving parts that can usually fail over time, so as a homeowner, you and your family may be susceptible to injuries regarding entry points. Thus, to protect your loved one of the best practices that you can incorporate today is changing the door opener.

Now, you can always reside toward preventive maintenance, but that is quite tiresome daily, not to mention the added cost that comes with it. That’s why it is best to upgrade your malfunctioning door with Automatic Reversal systems. These setups have auto beam sensors that immediately reverse their direction as any object or child runs across it.

Garage Door Replacement Also Leads to Quieter Operation

If your garage door is operational since the ’90s, then there is a higher chance that its noise process might not be optimal. Those squeaky sounds coming from your garage not only disrupt your living ambiance but also negatively affect the lifestyle of neighbors. So, to eliminate these kinds of complications, one of the steps you could take today is to invest in a new and improved garage opener.

Numerous garage door openers integrate a belt-drive system. Besides delivering exceptional performance, they will defiantly lead you to quieter operations.

Garage Door Replacement Also Leads to Quieter Operation

Garage Door Replacement Also Leads to Quieter Operation

Best Solution for Wireless Connectivity

It’s worth noting that newer pieces of hardware come equipped with tons of innovative features and smartphone or wireless connectivity is among few. Now garage owners can not only monitor their exterior but also remotely control their doors. With the convenience of smart technology, users can efficiently manage programmed lockdown periods in an emergency.

So, if you are a garage owner and want something convenient, then it is better to replace the opener with MyQ smartphone technology.


If the above reasons weren’t good enough to make you replace your garage door opener, then make sure to give these go through;

  • Replacing the garage opener help to improve overall security through a series of DIP switches.
  • Latest replacement models are equipped with Battery Backup
  • It lowers the risk of uninterrupted lockdowns.

Bottom Line

So, this concludes our views on the top reasons to replace a garage door opener in 2021. Before you go to your local store and purchase a more resilient model, make sure to pay attention to the garage door itself. If you detect something that looks off or even cracked or broken, it is best to contact a professional for further inspection.

Besides that, garage doors from the mid-’90s can put off audible sounds like squeaking or rubbing, so if that draws your attention, then make sure to invest your time in replacement as early as possible.