Rim locks are one of the many Surface-Mounted Locks available today. But as the name suggests, these rim locks tend to be affixed to the door’s surface. They can easily be screwed to the surface of the door, which makes them relatively easy to install. However, because they aren’t as secure, they should only be used on inner doors and not the ones you use for entering and exiting the property.

Rim locks are not very different from other types of locks. However, there are a couple of differences compared to other locks, as we’ll examine in this article.

What to Remember?

Now, you will want to keep in mind a few things when it comes to rim locks. Here are a couple of things we’ve listed, which you should consider when buying or considering one for your home or office.

  • Rim locks are mainly surface-mounted locks. It means the locks are mounted to the surface of the door. The lock body is fitted into the door with some models.
  • Rim locks are easily installed by simply screwing them to the surface of the door.
  • The term “rim lock” mainly refers to how the lock is installed and not the locking mechanism.
  • The locks use a spring-loaded mechanism, which is similar to a deadlocking bolt.
  • Many rim locks have a barrier inside. What that means is that this barrier prevents unauthorized access.
  • Some rim locks combine two locking mechanisms, which are referred to as rim sash locks.

Using Rim Locks on Interior Doors

Rim locks are primarily designed to be used as a locking mechanism on interior doors. They are best suited as interior doors because they offer security but not without flaws. Having deadbolts are imperative for exterior doors since they can easily withstand much more force. That said, rim locks aren’t built to withstand as many hits as their locking counterparts, which is why they are easily bypassed with enough force.

Most interior doors aren’t exposed to the same threats as perhaps the entryway door. That’s why they are a perfect addition for any homeowner that wants interior locks that look good. The intricate design and often unique construction make them the perfect choice for most homes.

However, they may not be the best choice for hotel and motels, where security even on the internal doors need to be high.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Rim locks look good, with their unique designs and compact construction. Rim locks are ornate, and that’s why they are installed more as decorative pieces first and security mechanisms as a secondary purpose.

Some rim locks offer a rustic charming aesthetic; others boast a more modern design.

Many times homeowners will restore antique rim locks and install them to add a bit of vintage charm to their homes. However, homeowners can also purchase modern replicas.


While rim locks offer convenience and serve an aesthetic purpose, they aren’t cheap. Some can cost a lot of money. That’s why it is best to get them installed correctly by a Professional Locksmith in Your Area.