Did you ever see moisture and humidity in your garage? Well! Many homeowners face humidity issues in various parts of their houses, for instance, laundry rooms, washrooms, and basements, but unfortunately, garages are also sensitive to excessive moisture and humidity. And the outcomes are troublesome.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the damages caused by the humidity and the DIY ways to reduce the moisture and humidity from a garage.

Damages or Troubles Caused By The Humidity

  • The excessive moisture and the heat from a garage can easily seep into your house. Consequently, it increases the humidity and temperature of different parts of your house too.
  • The major trouble it can cause to a garage is damage to your garage structure, i.e., damaging the flooring, finishing, and items stored in the garage.
  • Excessive moisture and humidity are the leading cause of allergic diseases to your members of the family, such as the mild and mold and dust mites can cause various health problems.

Ways To Reduce The Moisture & Humidity From Your Garage

There are multiple and straightforward ways to reduce the troublesome humidity problem in your garage, such as

Proper Ventilation Mechanism

The system of proper ventilation is the first and foremost step to eliminate the humidity issue from your garage. You don’t have to invest many bucks; instead, just follow these simple steps for proper ventilation.

  • Try to keep your garage windows and doors open as much as possible so that fresh air enters and releases the room’s moisture.
  • In case you do not keep a door open for some safety reasons, it would be better to keep running the exhaust fans or any portable fan for proper air circulation.
  • You should install any vertical storage system, like hanging racks or shelves, that allows proper air crossing through the garage to avoid excessive moisture.

Check Your Garage Drainage System

Do a Routine Checkup of your garage and adequately inspect and ensure the drains and sewerages are working correctly. Poor floor and rain drains are the primary cause of water inflow to a garage. So, ensure the drains are working properly and further examine any leakage in the walls, roof, or in-floor to avoid extra moisture and hence humidity in a garage.

Use Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner In Your Garage

The use of an air conditioner is the best option to release excess moisture and humidity from the garage room. If you don’t have access to AC, using a dehumidifier is also a suitable solution to this problem. Don’t forget to dispose of the water it stores in order to make it for the best use.

Use an Appropriate Garage Floor Coating

By using a suitable garage floor coating, you can reduce the condensation level in your garage to a significant level. For instance, if there is excessive moisture and humidity on a floor, using a wet floor coating is appropriate for avoiding humidity.

Clean or Wash Your Vehicle

In the rainy or snowy season, try to wash or wipe off the rainwater or snow from the car or truck because this snowy or wet car is a major reason to cause humidity in the garage. Therefore, clean the vehicle before parking in our garage.

Place Some Tough Indoor Plants

The garage is not an ideal place for growing plants; instead, tough plants, such as cactus, can help reduce the humidity from the room. Tough Indoor plants have the ability to absorb moisture, humidity, water from the air, and other forms of wetness.

Control The Garage Temperature

Controlling the temperature of a garage is one of the simplest ways to control moisture and humidity. For instance, in the cold season, you can use heaters to maintain the temperature of the wet floor and walls of a garage room.

Bottom Line

A garage is one of the essential components of a house. Either you would plan to build a one-story house or a two-story one; a garage is something you cannot avoid constructing if you want to store vehicles or valuables somewhere safe close to the home.

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