Unfortunately, just about every doorknob and door handle will become loose after a while. The daily wear and tear of these items almost guarantee that they will become loose. Each time you pull and jiggle or turn the knob, that puts pressure on the mechanism.

The good news is that there are ways to fix an otherwise loose doorknob, and it does not take much skill either. However, if you have quite a few loose door handles and the locks are old, you might want to have a professional residential locksmith examine them.

While below are some tips you can use to fix a loose doorknob or loose door handle, they are in no way a substitute for Hiring a Professional Locksmith.

Types of uPVC Handles

Generally, there are 2 common types or variations of the uPVC handle. The first is the Top Screw Below, and the other is the top Screw Above, which can then be configured as a Lever Pad or Lever Lever.

These types of uPVC handle mainly refer to where the top screw is located on the door handle. The Lever Lever and Lever Pad, on the other hand, are a reference to the shape of the handle.

Fixing Top Screw Below uPVC Door Handles

The uPVC handle is a bit shorter and has a screw located at the bottom of the handle plate and then one underneath the handle. The Top Screw Below handles are all of the same dimension, making them easy to interchange with other similar handles.

The Top Screw Above uPVC Door Handles

Now, these ones tend to be slightly longer and are available in various sizes. You have two screws on the handle, i.e., one of the base of the plate and the other is on the top. If you want to change or replace the handle, it has to be measured.

How to Fix a Loose Door Handle?

While one of the Solutions is To Replace The Door Handle with another one. A simpler solution you should try is to try tightening the screws. We strongly advise that you first determine without a shadow of a doubt which type of door handle you’re using before you attempt to tighten the screws.

You start by removing the door handle, which exposes the mounting screw. You will find a set of screws that hold the door handle in place. Once you have found it check for any loose screws and tighten them.

Now, if that does not work, you might have to dive deeper into the lock mechanism, which might not be for everyone. You could end up compromising the security of the lock, and which is why we strongly advise that you hire a locksmith to take a look and tighten it accordingly.


Fixing a loose doorknob in most cases is something the average person can handle. However, even then, we advise that you hire a professional to examine the lock; in some cases, there are issues other than loose screws that are causing the handle to feel loose.